Thursday, November 21, 2013

Yellowstone: Some Highlights - Videos

Yellowstone was by far one of the most dazzling places we have been to. The landscapes vary as diverse as all of America itself. From mountains, canyons, thermal elements, geysers, and the highest elevation lake in the U.S. Yellowstone does not disappoint.

However it did make me extremely sleepy every time we drove through, but I think that had to do with the elevation of above 7000 ft. Since the last posts were just pictures I figured I should put some quick highlights of events, funny anecdotes, and a few videos of the wildlife.

The first main highlight was our first wildlife viewing which just so happened to be what I was terrified of: grizzly. As we drove into Yellowstone East Entrance the first time through Wyoming we saw a car that passed by us seconds earlier stopped on the side of the road and the people inside all running across the street. We pulled up and asked what it was when the quickly shouted grizzly. We pulled over and crossed the street to meet them and sure enough in the valley below was a grizzly bear walking away from our direction. From 100 yards away they don't look so scary and I snapped a picture of his bum.

In the cabin we were staying in which was just the cutest little rustic thing, one night I was having trouble sleeping and Finnley was watching TV loudly. I was just about fed up so I looked up and what do you know a creepy spider is just paratrooping down to my face. I threw myself up with a scream and the standard flailing of limbs. Finnley thought I did that because I was mad at him so in a frantic voice I had to explain. He didn't believe me, but after diligently searching my sleeping bag he found the bastard and said he was mean looking. After that he went on a spider hunt around the bed and ended up killing 4 other ones.

The next day it snowed. Which is what Finnley had been waiting for so it was quite a treat for him. I was still getting used to the cold so I wasn't the biggest fan. Going back into Yellowstone we got some amazing footage of some bison and elk fighting in the snow.

We moved on to the Montana/West Entrance side after 3 days in Wyoming. As we left Finnley was talking to the people who owned the cabin we stayed at thanking them and checking out, when a big buck flew out of nowhere right in front of my car. Luckily Finnley had a fast reaction and avoided it. As we got into Montana it was just as beautiful. There was a nice river along the road and many fishermen were in there fishing. We stayed in another cabin, but this one wasn't rustic at all. It was more like a regular hotel room just in cabin form. 

It snowed again in Montana, but it was a heavier snow. It looked very pretty. Our second day there we went back into Yellowstone to relax and have a picnic in the car. We saw many more bison and elk. At one point we were trying to drive back to the cabin but there were bison in the road. There was also this lady that kept getting ridiculously close to the wildlife. As she was taking pictures we drove by and a bison got pissed and tried to ram the back of my car. Luckily it didn't get it and even though it was scary that crazy guy looked super cute when he did it. 

All in all it was a nice time there and we both got to see amazing things we always dreamed of. However after 5 days it was time to keep it moving and we headed off to Washington. 

On to the next...

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