Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Georgia On My Mind

We started off toward Jackson at about 6:45 Monday morning after a long and anguishing goodbye to my Lola (and parents :). It’s almost hard to believe it’s been 3 days already now and while it hurts to be away from them (particularly the fluffy one), I must say I’m enjoying myself pretty well. 

Georgia has never really been of much interest to me because I’ve passed through it a ton of times so I always considered myself to have gone there. Technically, yes I had been there, but now I realize I was doing myself a disservice in passing this state off as just somewhere I’ve been through because I’ve driven through. 

After just about 9 hours of driving (thank you Finnley) we arrived at his old friend GMatt’s parent’s house; a cute country home on 10 acres of lovely. The best thing about the place is all the animals. They have goats, chickens, and three big doggies who I’m in love with. I think I’ve officially been converted into a “big dog” person. 

However, there are also the creepy animals. After GMatt got bit by something last night and had to go to the hospital from his hand swelling, I can barely write this without looking behind me every couple of minutes in a panic at what lurks in the grasses. Regardless, it’s to be expected and I should get used to it for what lies ahead for me is much more wildery. 

On the property there are also an abundance of plant life. They have pecan trees, pear trees, apple trees, asparagus, jalapeños, ect. It’s nice being around this type of nature, it reminds me of the poem “To Penshurst” by Ben Jonson. Makes me appreciate wildlife that isn't so manicured like in cities even if it’s unnerving. 

The first night here we just appreciated all of that, hung out, and enjoyed the drop in temperature. We slept well, but woke up late because we were up late. Luckily, we still had enough time for the three of us to make it over to Stone Mountain. We took the air tram up to the top and hiked down through the main trail and then on into the Cherokee Trail which led us to where our car was. It was a peaceful hike and the weather was perfect. 

After that we went to this cool Army/Navy store and then we went out to eat at this Mexican restaurant. When we got back to the house we wanted to have a bonfire, but after they started gathering wood and lit the first batch, GMatt realized his thumb was swelling and he had been bit by something. 

While the rest of us watched as Buddy, their pit bull attacked the blazon ashes coming from the fire because he is so hardcore, GMatt and his mom had to go to the hospital. They never figured out what got him so when he got back we just spent the end of the night watching movies and trying to find Finnley and I’s next destination. 

Today since we didn't end up finding anywhere to go we decided to stay here another night. I had wanted to go to Savannah this morning, but then I realized it was 3 hours away. Instead we went back to the Army/Navy store so GMatt can buy a new gun (which I hear them shooting right now) and then checked out the local salvation army, but I didn't find anything. 

When we got back I started searching for somewhere to go tomorrow and found a cute little place in Hot Springs, NC with cabins for pretty cheap. So we booked that and should be headed there around 8:00 tomorrow morning and then onto Grandmas the next day. 

After that we went four wheeling which was the devil at first because I was on the back and I felt like I was going to fall off, but then Finnley and I got to ride them by ourselves and that was fun. I still think dirt bikes are better and ATVs are like lawn mowers, but it was a fun lawn mower because I got to jump a little hill and ride through a natural woop section.

All in all Georgia was fun; I met good people and the perfect doggie, Buddy, saw some cool scenes and tried some new things and I’m so very appreciative of GMatt and his families hospitality these past couple of days.

On to the next...

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