Sunday, November 24, 2013

Goonies Oregon and the Hipsters of Haunted Portland

We arrived in Oregon the afternoon we left Washington. Finnley had been mentioning The Goonies beach for a couple days and made me look up where it was. We ended up finding out that it was right on the northwest coast of Oregon and that we could pass through. We also discovered that The Goonies House was in a city called Astoria only a couple miles north of the beach. 

As we drove through Astoria looking for the house we started to really vibe with it. I felt slightly attached to the place and thought it would be better to spend the night there than to head to Portland during night. We finally found the house and parked. We walked to go check it out and take pictures. It was just such a cool city. We both felt very comfortable there, it kind of reminded me of Key West/ Bar Harbor. I just got the best vibes from it. You could even hear the seals from the top of the hill. 

After we left Goonies House we went to find a cheap motel. We found one for a great price and settled in. For dinner we went to get some Burger King and went back to the room to relax. The rest of the night we just watched some movies on T.V. and I tried to blog and find some flowers to send my mama for her birthday the next week. 

The next morning I was awoken by my phone at 6:00am by my mom, which by the way is never a good sign. She proceeded to tell me that “today is a very sad day” words that one never wants to hear. I knew it was one of my animals, however I thought it was my beyond old dog. Unfortunately it turned out to be my big fatty fat bunny passed away that morning. I had a good cry and yes that whole day turned out to be a very sad day because of this. 

Not being able to fall back asleep at that point we decided to go get breakfast at the diner across the parking lot. It was called Pigs and Pancakes and they made the best breakfast I’ve had in a while. After breakfast we went for a walk along this harbor boardwalk that went along the water. It also had train tracks on it. It was a beautiful morning and just as we were headed back a large rainbow formed over the city’s bridge. 

Around late morning we decided to head out for the Goonies Beach which is actually called Cannon Beach and those large iconic rocks are called Haystack Rock. It was dark and rainy out as we headed south, but when we got there the weather was nice. We drove around the town of Cannon Beach which I also fell in love with. It was just the cutest little ocean town just like the others I mentioned. We parked and walked along the beach for a while and looked at the rocks. Finnley was all kinds of loving it. 

We left there in the afternoon for Portland. Portland was a city I was so anticipating. I felt like Portland would feel like home to me because I’ve heard it was very arty and creative. However, I got a different vibe when we got there. On the way we stopped at a gas station that was like a garage sale on the inside and on top of that they sold guns, knives, and bullets. That’s how you know your in the country. I just got a soda and Finnley a Monster energy drink. 

I booked us a hotel while we were on the way there. It was called Mcmenimans Kennedy School and was an old school house from the 1800s. By the looks of it and the name of it and the idea of it I had the strong instinctual feeling that this place was haunted. However I was drawn to it for some evil and unknown reason. Basically what the company Mcmenimans does it take old and historic buildings and turn them into pubs or hotels. The idea is totally cool and the place itself was super cool, but to sleep in, if you are faint of heart or believe in any supernatural anything and are fearful of it, this is not the place to stay at. 

When we arrived in Portland it looked like your standard grey and muggy big city, but as we drove in deeper I started to see the creative character that this city is so distinctly known for. Keep Portland Weird. However from what I observed, to Portland weird means to be like every other too cool for school hipsters of everywhere. Keep in mind we only spent the night so it isn’t the most educated opinion, but from first sight that is what I saw. 

The best part about Portland was this super amazing and cheap sushi restaurant we went to. We got four rolls for less than 20 bucks! It was so delicious. After we ate we went to go find something to see. We settled on Washington Park. Unfortunately the weather was cold and wet again! We walked around for a minute until we decided it wasn’t that fun. We drove around the rest, but wasn’t excited about anything. 

We went back to the hotel and looked around a bit. The architecture and design was awesome, but there was just such a creepy vibe about the whole place and no T.V.!!! WTF. I know it’s not crazy important for most people, but for me staying in a haunted hotel at least have the decency to provide me with a T.V. to distract myself! Instead I took a shower which was creepy as well. At night Finnley and I got so bored we had to venture off to Target to get some perspective back on life. Plus, I was having a major panic attack about having to sleep there so naturally a little slice of home: Target, soothes me. 

When we got back to the hotel we had to watch a movie on my computer due to the aforementioned issue. It was like 8 and we were so bored we started falling asleep. I got surprisingly comfortable and nodded off. However when I woke up minutes later I was tormented by the overwhelming feeling of despair and helplessness. Dramatic I know, but I don’t know what came over me. All I know is I couldn’t stop crying. Finnley tried to calm me, but was too tired for the patience that was necessary for such panic. 

I eventually calmed down and was able to fall asleep, but boy when I woke up I was pissed. We had planned to head to camp on some beach along the Oregon coast, but decided after the Portland disaster that we should just head somewhere we know we love. California dreaming!

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